Destash Trade

I am not able to maintain destash trades over the summer. I must receive all trades by May 31st. Thank you for understanding.

I hear it from friends all the time: "I have so much fabric and none of it is inspiring anymore! I want to make new items without the stash I've been staring at for the last several years, but what do I do with my existing collection?" The Morose Bee is here to solve that problem! Similar to a resale clothing shop or supply swap program, you can send your supplies to The Morose Bee in exchange for store credit to shop for updated supplies that make you eager to create! At this time, The Morose Bee only honors store credit for supplies sent in and does not pay cash.

Search through your stash and pack up your like-new supplies to mail to us. Don't forget to include a Destash Trade Form. (COVID-19 UPDATE: Detash Trade address has temporarily changed. Please contact me directly in the short term). From the time that we receive your Destash Trade box, we will process it within 2 weeks or less. A fully itemized notice will be sent to you indicating what we are accepting and your amount of store credit. Your store credit will never expire. Shop for amazing new products that make you feel inspired!

What do you take?
I take any fabric, notions, books, patterns, and general supplies that are in good condition with no signs of odor, pet fur, stains, or other issue that lowers the quality of the material. Partial materials such as odd cuts of fabric or half used spools of thread are acceptable but will lower the credit given for the item. 

How much store credit do you give?
Credit varies based on quality of items, market demand, seasonal variation, and existing inventory. Credit is non-negotiable and non-transferable. Generally, credit distributed is based on the assigned selling price of an accepted item and is around 30%-40% of the item's retail value depending on the item. Additionally, we may offer up to $18 in credit for the customer's shipping cost. Specific prices cannot be guaranteed up front, but you are welcome to e-mail any questions to 

Do you send my items back if you don't accept them for trade?
If you would like your unaccepted items returned, there is a place to indicated that on your Destash Trade Form.(COVID-19 UPDATE: Detash Trade address has temporarily changed. Please contact me directly in the short term).The Morose Bee offers Destash Return for a $12 fee. This fee will be deducted from your total trade-in value.  If you do not add Destash Return to your Trade From, The Morose Bee will not return unaccepted items. The Morose Bee reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of any unaccepted items in its sole discretion.

I don't have anything to trade. Can I just shop?
Absolutely! The store is always open and no trade-in or credit is required!