What I Sent & Received: Viva La Frida Swap 2017

Hi friends! It's been a while! Now that we're (mostly) settled into our new apartment in San Francisco, I've been making things like crazy. I haven't been able to share any of it because I was waiting for everyone to receive their items, but now the time has come! First up is what I made for the Viva La Frida Swap for Bee Creative Swaps. Our Frida swap is easily our favorite project and something we plan to keep doing each year. This year I sent 3 different packages and received 1 amazing package. So here's what I made for my first partner...

I used printable photo fabric for a project a few years ago so I got the idea to do something with it again. I ordered it before I got my partner's info because I knew I wanted to *something* with it, but I wasn't sure what. You can buy it here on Amazon.

The photos seem a little delicate so I wouldn't recommend it for an every day quilt or clothing. Ultimately I decided to make a pillow because I really like sending things that are practical. I think this photo fabric would be awesome for mini quilts or wall hangings, but I sent a wall hanging to my partner last year and wanted to do something different. 

My partner said her favorite colors were red and turquoise so I sort of played off of that based on the fabrics that I had available. I also found some BEAUTIFUL Frida inspired fabric on my trip to Portland last month and knew I needed to incorporate that as well. 

The fabric was so pretty and I was worried about slicing it up so I ended up using it as the back of the pillow to allow as much of the fabric to show as possible.

I'm still struggling with how to take pictures for the best lighting in my apartment, but I feel like I managed to get myself to take a decent amount of photos to document the process of making this pillow. I changed my mind on the composition of colors a few times and kinda wish I had another Frida photo in the center square of the pillow, but ultimately I love this pillow!!! It was almost too difficult to let it go and put it in the mail!

The pillow was my main swap item, but I also made a simple dress for my partner's daughter as sort of a secondary item. I debated putting pockets or trim or something else to jazz it up, but this fabric is so great I didn't think it needed it.

And of course I threw in some extras. The Frida inspired ones were a cactus ornament from Meri Meriand some Frida Kahlo papel picado I found at a local store here in San Francisco. My partner also had some Star Wars themed stuff on her Instagram so I sent her a few Star Wars and Marvel themed things just for fun.

I had one partner and then ended up being a Swap Angel for someone else. Because I didn't take as many photos of this as my previous swaps, but I made sure to at least document what I shipped out. 

My second partner was a mom of 3 so I wanted to send her some practical items for running around with her kiddos. I decided to make her a tote and send her travel mug I had made. My little extras for her were a pair of Frida Socks and a cactus ornament, but I also threw 2 books for her kids. One book is one of my favorite kids books about Frida Kahlo and one was a little book about San Francisco to include a little something about where I live.

The last thing I sent was to Lizette and I didn't "make" anything, but still wanted to share all the Frida related goodies! I swear I collect them non stop! My favorite part was the Christmas themed Dia de los Muertos fabric I found at a little shop on my trip to Portland earlier this year.

​And FINALLY what I recieved!

My partner was in Germany which meant along with my handmade Frida items, she sent all kinds of fun things from Germany!

The main item was a Frida mini quilt! It's about the size of a baby quilt and would make an awesome wall hanging. I just haven't decided where to put it yet. We're still unpacking a bit so it will sadly be tucked away until I find it's home.

The bag might be my favorite thing she sent even though it's the "main feature." I've been thinking about switching bags and I think I'll be carrying this one around a lot soon!

In total I received: a mini quilt, a bag, candy, Frida magnets, a Hamburg pin, a Hamburg mug (broken during shipping, not pictured), a note book, a keychain, and a shadowbox!!! So many amazing items! I'm so happy with everything and had THE BEST time with this swap. I'm already excited for next year.

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