What I Received & What I Sent: Bee Creative Stocking Swap

I received my Stocking Swap items the day before Thanksgiving so I was pretty excited to have them in time to decorate my apartment for Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can *finally* bust out all the Christmas and Hanukkah stuff. In addition to my stockings, my partner also included a shirt for Ari, an ornament, Mr & Mrs Claus mittens, santa socks, sewing pins, and some extra Christmas themed fabric! Everything was awesome! In the stockings my partner used some of my favorite colors and even managed to find a way to incorporate a little Hanukkah spirit as my husband and I usually do a Chrismakkah style celebration. This swap was such a nice way to wind down the year with swaps. Now it's time to start busting out some Christmas crafting and hope I make it to January alive. Lizette and I will probably be posting info on 2017 swaps soon and, in the meantime, check out the full Stocking Swap album on the Bee Creative Facebook page here!

Creating this swap was a challenge for me. My partner had so many great points of inspiration for her family stockings from Alice in Wonderland to Breaking Bad that I just didn't know which one to go with. My swap partner told me that her and her partner's favorite animal was fox so I eventually decided to go with that. 

I tried something different with swap and used a quilting pattern. I took a single block from THIS quilt pattern that I purchased and turned it into a stocking. I'll be able to reuse the pattern later to make a quilt for one of my friends who is doing a woodland creatures theme for her nursery. While I've used garment patterns before, this was my first time following a pre-made piecing pattern!

My partner was vegan and lived in England so I went to the local vegan specialty store to try and find some fun vegan things that were in distribution in England so my partner could try some rare treats.

I really love the pattern I used! It's by Elizabeth Hartman and you can check it out here. Plus I love how easy it would be to use up a bunch of scrappy pieces for it. It took a while for inspiration to strike this time around, but I'm really happy with what I sent to partner.

To see all the stockings that were sent in the Stocking Swap, check out the Bee Creative Swaps Facebook page here!​