What I Received: The Artist Swap

​So the Artist Swap wrapped up about two weeks ago and everyone has finally gotten all of their goodies in the mail! It's been really exciting to see them begin to surface on the internet. If you participated, but haven't sent me any photos, I would love to see what you got/made!!! Here is the rundown of what I received in the mail. The items I made for others are soon to follow!

I received this awesome shadow box/art piece inspired by Frida Kahlo from Lizette from CreativityLizette who I hosted the swap with! I am really excited to display this somewhere, but I don't have a ton of shelf space in my current apartment so I haven't decided on a home for this just yet. You can check out her blog and see more photos and read more about her process!

Because we had an odd number of folks participate in the swap, I went ahead and took on an extra partner to even things out which was both extra work for me and extra fun! My second partner created something based on Oliver Jeffers. You can see more work from my second swapper here on his blog!