Swap Recap: Totally 80's Swap

Another swap is finished with Bee Creative Swaps and it was so much fun! Being one of the hosts of the swap, I ended up filling in as a Swap Angel for 2 people.  I know it's weird that they weren't matched with each other after their partners dropped, but the timeline was complicated.

Anyways! For my first partner I made a cassette inspired swap item using a portion of this quilt pattern from Lysa Flower. My partner loved a lot of 80's music so it seemed like a good jumping off point. I've never done a piecing pattern quite this complicated before so I was a bit nervous about it, but it was actually pretty easy. 

I'm so happy with how everyone came out. Embroidery is not my strength, but I think it makes a cute handmade mix type vibe. I bought the socks at work and ordered the Log Lady Funko Pop online after not finding it at local stores.

My second partner said that she loved Golden Girls and Cyndi Lauper the most so I stuck with those as my main inspiration when searching for what to make. I found this 8-bit image of of Cyndi Lauper online and decided to quilt it. I didn't know what to make with the quilt so I decided to keep it mini and turn it into a bag.

Annnddddd for my final partner, I pulled from her mosaic which featured a lot of Super Mario themes, Sanrio, and Totoro. It was great that each person I made something for had different interests so I could make different items each time. The mushroom bowls were the same ones I used to sell on Etsy so it was awesome to give them new life!

And finally, here's what I received! I sent 3 packages but only received 2 since one person I was just a Swap Angel. One partner when full Totoro and I LOVE IT. The other sent me some awesome cross stitches and the coolest Jem themed lipstick from Sephora. It doesn't look like Sephora carries it anymore so I was excited to get the exclusive color!

Another great swap is in the books! We're part way through the Viva La Frida Swap and we'll be doing one more before the end of the year. Follow @beecreativeswaps on Instagram or visit the BCS website to keep up or sign up next time!