Stuff I've Made: Pokeball Quilt

I've been sharing photos of all the Christmas quilts I made on Instagram, but I still enjoy the process of sharing more in depth on ye olde blogge. Looking back, it seems so crazy that I made so many this year! This one was the second quilt (out of 5) that I made as gifts for people lately. This time around it was an 8-Bit Pokeball Quilt for my nephew. I knew I wanted to make a Pokemon something-or-other and when I found the 8-bit pokeball image I knew it was good place to start.

Making this quilt went SO QUICKLY! The Americana quilt was very very labor intensive and half square triangle quilts have a lot of steps involved so I think just doing squares caught me off guard at how fast it was to assemble. I debated doing 8-bit versions of actual Pokemon characters, but I was worried the quilt would get out-of-control huge.

I've stopped trying to make quilts to fit a certain size and have just started going with a design and seeing how big they end up being from there. I just add on elements based on how much bigger it needs to be to at least be cozy enough to curl up with on the couch. I could have done more on the border, but I like the simplicity of it. I almost bought Pokemon branded fabric to add to it, but I'm really glad I didn't! I feel like keeping it in limited colors makes it a bit more mature looking incase my nephew starts to outgrow the Pokemon thing.
I have 2 more quilt processes to share and then I'm done with all my handmade goodies for the 2017 Holiday Season. It's been such a learning experience and so much fun! I'm definitely QUILTED OUT and looking forward to making some other types of things next!

Hope every is having a happy New Year!