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Stuff I've Made: Halloween

I meant to post this *on* Halloween, but I was too busy have spooky good fun to get on a computer. It is my favorite holiday after all! This year I went as Flame Princess from Adventure Time and I made my costume from start to finish this year! In previous years I've maybe modified an existing costume or got creative about putting something together, but this was the first year I made it all from scratch.

I made the dress out of a modified Washi Dress pattern. I'm not quite up to the level of making a pattern all by myself, but I'm still pretty proud of how I manipulated this dresses into something different. 



To make her jewels, I used to some soft modeling clay for the one on her chest and then just painted the one on her forehead. I could've gotten really into it with face painting and full body paint and what not, but I just stuck with painting the jewel. I didn't feel like spray painting myself completely orange.

The finished product! Ta-da! I'm pretty happy with it and Im probably going to find an excuse to dress up as her again in the future! I could definitely get more involved with hair and painting my skin and all of that, but maybe I'll save that kind of endeavor for a convention or costume contest or something more than just a night out with friends.

​It took about two days and about $20 to make altogether. By comparison, my husbands costume cost $60, but was handled with just a few clicks on Amazon. In battle of time vs money, I have a tendency to go with things that take way too long. I ended up wearing it out twice and probably could've squeezed in a third night of dressing up, but I was feeling sick. My favorite part about making my own costume is that my dress is comfortable, fits like normal clothing, and I can just keep it in the back of my closet for future events or costume parties. I don't think that's so easily done with other costumes.

Is it bad that I'm already started to wonder what I'll dress up as next year? Fortunately, the Texas Ren Fest is this weekend so my craftiness has something to occupy itself with for a bit longer. It's Roman Bacchanal weekend so I have a toga to make! What have you been making lately?