Stash Bust: Sanctuary Blankets

I have been trying to come up with creative ways to use fabric scraps, but I have SO MUCH extra fabric that sometimes it feels overwhelming. I have not only fabric that I've purchased but also fabric leftover from when I owned Craft Haus and we had some miscellaneous supplies to get rid of so I took home a bunch of extra fabric. I mean I could just get rid of it, but it seems so wasteful. Plus some of it was so cut to shreds from using it for kids crafts that even donating it seemed silly.

I decided to tackle the mountain by eliminating some of the bigger pieces of fabric I didn't care for first. I figured getting rid of some of the bulk would leave me more room to sort through smaller pieces later plus if I have fabric I don't like then it's silly to save it. I pulled everything that wasn't my style and was larger than a fat quarter to make blankets to donate to Atlasta Home Sanctuary! This was a two-birds-one-stone type project because I also incorporated old t-shirts so I could practice sewing knits and woven fabrics together! One of my goals for this year is to make a t-shirt quilt so it was great practice to sew on something that didn't need to be perfect.

Animal sanctuaries of all kinds need blankets and other types of bedding. Plus the animals are just going to tear it up and get it dirty so it's okay if things are old, torn, or imperfect in some way. You can use old sheets, clothes, scrap fabric, whatever. It was also great practice for laying out a design and figuring out how all the scrap pieces would fit together. 

The end result was certainly nothing amazing to look at, but it's perfect for some piglets at Atlasta and I'm relieved to get a few yards of fabric out of the way! Plus I feel a lot more comfortable with sewing t-shirts now.