Mini Book Review No. 2

I finished reading Craft Inc a while ago. Ever since I read Crafty Superstar, I've been really into reading craft how-to books both from a business, emotional, and technical aspect. It's like a refined and graceful version of the Etsy forums. Craft Inc. was more of a book for the crafter with corporate dreams. The book is full of info on how to go about locating foreign and/or local factories to pump out large quantities of your wares as well as how to going about hiring assistants and staff. Of course it also had the basic stuff like starting to figure out your finances, starting up a website, and some of the other usual content, however, this book is definitely meant more for the crafter set on world domination.  Right now, I'm pretty happy being hunched over at my living room coffee table re-watching Arrested Development for the 28798273 time and assembling mustache necklaces. I think it's important to keep your mind on the larger world of what may be waiting a head, but I definitely did not take away as much as I did with Crafty Superstar.

You can check out Craft Inc here on or check out my review of Crafty Superstar here.