Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is THIS WEEKEND! Can you believe it?! If you're looking for a few last minute Halloween costumes, I've put together a few costumes I've worn using primarily what I had on hand plus a few handmade items incase you really feel like going for it over the next 2 days. 

Emily in a purple toga
Roman Bacchanalia: an extra bedsheet with a few stitches thrown in for draping. The headpiece was borrowed from a friends faux plant.

Emily dressed as a piece of sushi

Sashimi: a white dress I already owned (the rice) and a pillow inside an orange t-shirt (the fish) tied around the waist with a black scarf (seaweed). Some white scrap felt and leftover take away chopsticks glued to a hair clip for some added detail!

Vincent Van Gogh: an old beach hat and tube of orange lipstick did the bulk of the heavy lifting, but a blue blazer and some fresh sunflowers certainly helped pull it all together.

Gnome: this one was all bits and pieces of other costumes I had. An old winter hat, an apron from Oktoberfest, a few pieces of a fairy costume, and old vintage purse. This is from Halloween 2015, a year I almost didn’t dress up at all. At the last minute I threw this together in about 10 minutes and went out, proving you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year.

If you really feel like hurrying up to hand make something for this year, you can likely use what you have and still be spooky. Here is the same non-halloween dress pattern used 2 years in a row!

Emily in a witch print dressEmily dressed as Flame Princess

What are you gonna be this year?! 🎃🍁🦇🖤🧡🍄🌙