Frida Fridays: Mugs & Last Call Sign Ups

I've been posting a lot of inspiration type images of items made by other people so I decided I wanted to get into making some Frida inspired items while we finish planning the swap partners and get to crafting for the Viva La Frida Swap instead. I decided to make some Frida mugs!

I knew I wanted to make one based on our Viva La Frida logo so I started with that! If you have a PYOP studio near you, they most likely will have most of the supplies listed for you to do something similar. 

I started with cutting out the logo to use a stencil and did a color wash of yellow and orange glaze over where the flowers would be. I did sort of a watercolor/splatter thing so some of the color ran down the back of the mug, but I kinda like it a little messy.​

Using pink glaze and silkscreen medium, I used silkscreen flowers for her hair. Silkscreens on pottery are a super easy way to make intricate designs in seconds. You just need the medium to thicken up your glaze. I used the same materials with black glaze for the mugs shown later.

I also used carbonless transfer paper for one of Frida's most famous quotes! When I try and do things freehand, I often run out of space or don't plan it out well enough. Using transfer paper makes painting fancy quotes a breeze. I ended up making two quote mugs. One to have a set for the Frida logo and the other as a new travel mug.

I dropped them off at the local place in Austin and was super excited to pick them up! I almost *never* make any pottery just for fun so I it was an exciting surprise!

I haven't decided exactly what to do with them yet. I might save one for my swap partner, but I won't know what they're likes/dislikes are for a few more days when we match everyone up! The last day to sign up for the Viva La Frida Swap is TOMORROW so don't delay! Also, don't forget to check out my swap co-host's blog for even more Frida inspiration!

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