First Craft Show Recap

WHEW! First craft show is over! It was a great learning experience, but the show itself was a bit of a flop. It was the Bradford County Strawberry Festival in Starke, Fl which means it was not exactly my demographic. However, the booth was cheap, it was close to family, and it was a great no pressure test run to try doing this type of thing for the first time. 

I hope by my next craft show to have enough jewelry to fill two tables instead of one. I think the tent looks a little lonely with just one table. I was also quite happy with the pom poms. I received several compliments about them and a few people even asked if I was selling them so, for the next festival I think I'll bring a few extras with me in case people really do want to purchase them. 

I was not happy with the rings on rolls of fabric. It makes a nice display, but everyone thought they were flutes. No REALLY. People saw them and thought I was a flute vendor. Plus it makes it difficult for people who want to try on your jewelry. They had to awkwardly take the rings off and had a hard time putting them back on. Next time I'll just have a little ring tray.

Well the good news is all of my left over jewelry is slowly making its way onto my Etsy shop so go check it out!