Feelin' Scrappy

When I first started sewing everyone told me "save your scraps! you can use all of it!" I've been sewing for a few years now and the scraps I've been saving have really begun to pile up. Since I haven't had time to tackle patchwork and quilting, I found a simple Scrap Coaster project to start using up some of my tinier scraps.

The bottom layer is felt, the middle layer is scraps of quilting batting I had, and the top is different pieces of fabric that were too small to be usable for most other projects. I tried to keep them all random in fabric, thread color, and layout. They're not the most amazing things ever, but it was fun way to declutter my fabrics while watching a movie. I made a total of like 20 of them so I figure they'll be good stocking stuffer gifts for the future.

I'm really looking forward to finding ways to keep using my fabric stash!