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DIY Guest Spot

Have you set any resolutions or goals for 2019? I love having specific goals and writing them down to help with making it a reality. This year I decided to pick a word of the year. If you’re unfamiliar, a word of the year is when you pick a single word to set an intention to ground yourself in as opposed to making a list of a bunch of things to check off. When you’re trying to make decisions or plans, you can refer back to your word of the year as a guide for how to move forward. I have chosen the word LESS as recovering workaholic I need to the remind to take on fewer projects and get myself involved in less unnecessary stress or obligation. I’ve realized my favorite days are the ones with no plans so the word LESS is a reminder to make that happen for myself more often. 

In honor of our words of the year, I made banners for as a visual reminder of our intentions for 2019 and a DIY is now available over at the Bee Creative Swaps Patreon page! Patreon is a paid website, but this specific DIY is FREE! It's a simple one but I love how it turned out. You might have enough materials for in your stash without buying anything new and you could probably get away without a sewing machine and using fabric glue instead. 

Go check it out on the Bee Creative Swap Patreon and have a great New Year!