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DIY Glitter Unicorn Valentine Crayons by Lizette Guzman

*Note* This content was created for Bee Creative Swaps which is no longer active and has been moved to The Morose Bee blog for archiving. 

In honor of Bee Creative Swaps’ Fairytale Swap and in little girls love for unicorns, my daughter, Lily, and I bring you this fun Glitter Unicorn Valentine Crayons tutorial. If you are a crafty hoarder like me, you might have most of the supplies to make these at home.


  • Yarn
  • Gift Tissue Paper
  • Scissors 
  • Old Crayons
  • Glitter
  • Gift Tags
  • Glitter Markers
  • Unicorn Mold (Got ours at Joann’s)

Step 1

Sprinkle glitter into the unicorn mold. We used silver and purple glitter. 

Step 2

Break old crayons and remove the wrapping off. Then put broken crayons into the unicorn mold, placing different colored crayons pieces side by side to get a groovy lava lamp design. 

I used to use a knife to cut the crayons into smaller pieces before, but snapping the crayons against a hard surface, like my kids’ table, is safer. I also skipped the help of a knife or X-Acto knife to help remove the crayons’ wrapper (by making a slit down the crayons) and  just used my nails.

Step 3

Microwave mold with crayons for 3 to 4 minutes. Once the crayons have hardened a little remove the mold from the microwave and let them completely dry. Once they are completely dried, carefully remove unicorn crayons from the mold. 

Step 4

While waiting for your crayons to dry, write witty sayings onto the gift tags using your glitter markers. Have your child write their name on the back of the tags.

On the back of the tags, I wrote: 

To: My Friend

From: (Have your child write their name)

Cut a bunch of long strands of yarn. 

Next, grab one strand and fold it in half. Insert the folded strand of yarn into the tag’s hole and pull it half way, insert the two loose ends at the opposite side of the yarn through the folded hole and pull them completely through. Repeat steps again with each gift tag. 

Step 6

If your tissue is oversized, cut one sheet of tissue paper in quarters. Repeat this step with each sheet of tissue paper.

Step 7

Place one unicorn crayon in the center of a cut up tissue paper and wrap the unicorn by crumbling the paper towards the top. 

Tie the tissue paper “bag” you just created with your gift tag. Repeat with the rest of the unicorn crayons. 

Step 8

Glitter unicorn Valentine crayons are now ready to be passed out to school friends or as extras for the Fairytale swap. 

Luckily, we had all the supplies needed to make this DIY. The tissue paper was from my kids’ birthday gift bags and the other supplies were from my craft totes in the garage, or gifts (like the glitter markers Emily sent Lily for Christmas). This is our second time making unicorn crayons. The first time Lily and I made them, we made solid color unicorn crayons, for her cousin’s unicorn themed party. Mixing different colors together is our favorite. The mixture of different colors with glitter gives the unicorn crayons a magical look. Making these Valentine's Day unicorn crayons went with my family’s environmentally aware goal since we didn’t have to buy anything to make these Valentine’s Day goodies. Lily and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making unicorn (or whatever mold you choose) crayons as much as we did.