DIY Frida Kahlo Embroidery Thread Holder by Lizette Guzman

*Note* This content was created for Bee Creative Swaps which is no longer active and has been moved to The Morose Bee blog for archiving. 

I made this Frida Kahlo embroidery thread holder in 2017 for a Viva La Frida swap partner who enjoys cross stitching. Isn’t it the coolest Frida Kahlo inspired thread holder!?! I can’t take credit for this tutorial completely. I was inspired by a DIY: Dressform Embroidery Thread Holder + Template post by Aki Altuna of Minted Strawberry blog. When I saw the dressform thread holders I immediately thought of the plaster corsets Frida Kahlo wore most of her life. 

Chipboard/Cardboard/ Cereal Box (be eco-friendly!)
Free download from Minted Strawberry (see above)
X-Acto Knife
Hole Puncher
Embroidery thread

To Make it Frida Themed
Color pencils/Markers
Laminating Machine
Metal Craft Ring 

Step 1: Go to the blog Minted Strawberry, click here, and download the Dressform Embroidery Thread Holder Template.

Step 2: Cut one dressform from the downloadable template provided by Aki. Cut the lines between the hips with an X-Acto and hole punched the neck. Use this template to trace the tread holders on cardboard paper. To trace the inside lines insert a pencil through the slits and trace the hole on the template’s neck. Cut out and hole punch all your thread holders. Make a diagonal slit on one of the shoulders of the cut out thread holders and do the same to the rest.

Step 3: Insert your embroidery thread through the double slits and wrap it around the dressform. When you’re done wrapping the thread secure it by inserting it through the shoulder slit. At the bottom back of the dressform write down what DMC color you used. 

Step 4: Trace your dressform template on drawing paper and draw a head above your traced dressform. Draw Frida and design a fun dress for her. Color her and cut her out. Go to your local office supplies store and get Frida laminated. You may also be able to find at home laminating sheets at your local office supply store or online.

I’ve learned to make copies of my items before laminating them that way I can keep the original. If I want to make another Frida thread holder I don’t have to draw another Frida. 

Step 5: Cut your laminated Frida, leaving some of the laminated plastic around her. Hole punch Frida’s neck and insert her and the dressform wrapped in embroidery thread through the metal craft ring. With the turn of each thread holder, you give Frida a different color dress. 

I paired up the Frida embroidery thread holder and a Frida needle minder, that I also made, for my Viva La Frida Swap partner.  

This is what I send my swap partner. I hope you enjoy this Frida inspired DIY. If you make your own Frida Kahlo embroidery thread holder, let Bee Creative Swaps know by using the #vivalafridaswap2019 on Instagram. We would love to see how your Frida thread holder turned out. 

Happy Frida Friday Amigos!