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DIY Dresser Revamp

As silly and simple as it was, finishing my first crafty project for our new apartment in Austin felt awesome! We had a dresser from Ikea that belonged to my husband's brother. We've had it for about 6 years so I would imagine it's at least 10 years old. It's has had a rough life! We have moved it 3 times and before that I think it moved a few times. Considering it was the cheapest dresser at Ikea forever ago, it's been a tough little soldier. We hauled it out of the moving truck practically in pieces. A little TLC later and we got the dresser back together, but the surface of it was scratched and stained. At work we put chalkboard paint on pretty much everything, but I have never used it on anything at home. I figured chalkboard paint was thick, dark, and would work really well on masking the issues with the dresser PLUS be something fun for our new apartment.

A few chalkboard paint tips:
1. definitely do 3 or 4 layers! a nice thick surface of chalkboard paint tends to result in a smoother writing surface.
2. give it several hours to dry! chalkboard paint appears to dry really fast, but don't start writing on it right away. you don't want to scratch through all your hard work with your chalk.
3. put it on everything! no, really. do it.

Side note, the lighting in our apartment is TERRIBLE! We only have 4 windows in the whole place. One faces a shaded hallway and the others face the parking lost so we keep the shades closed all day. It's definitely a change from our old place where almost all the windows faced our back yard and we had complete privacy. And by complete privacy I mean I'm pretty sure the residents of the nursing home behind us could see into our yard, but I kindaaaaaa didn't care.