Blog Block Party: Frida Ornament DIY by Mandy McCarty

The next post was created for Bee Creative Swaps by Mandy McCarty. Mandy has participated in our Swaps in the past and Lizette reached out to her to see if she would create something special for the block party. She did not disappoint! Thank you Mandy for this awesome tutorial! You can visit her IG page here.

Supplies you will need:
1 Globe style lightbulb
Paper or felt flowers (any colors or color theme you would like) I like to use both, but it’s not necessary
Acrylic paint in lite mocha and black, also a glitter paint
Mod Podge or clear spray paint
Hot glue gun
Paint brushes
Wire cutters

Use the lite mocha paint to paint a thin coat on the entire bulb. Let dry completely. 

This step is totally optional but I thought it just looked so pretty.   While your bulb is drying use the glitter paint and go over your paper or felt flowers with the glitter paint ​

We are going to paint another thin coat on your bulb and let dry completely ​

While the last coat of paint you put on is drying you are gonna now take those paper flowers and cut the wire stems off of them.  Set the wire pieces off to the side for later.

For this step it is up too you if you need another full coat or just a touch up of paint to your bulb. Personally I always paint another thin layer. Once you are done let it dry completely, I left it sit for about 45 mins. This is because you don’t want it to move when painting your next color on.

In this step you are gonna very gently using pencil draw on you hair, eyebrows and eyes. For the hair you you want to start by drawing a V away from the base, you can see how I took the hairline down and around the round part of the bulb.  For the eyebrows you want to start your mark in the middle of that V and then you can draw the eyes as little or as large as you would like.  Once you paint it let it dry and do a 2nd coat as well. You can touch up with the lite mocha if needed.  You want to let this completely dry.  I left it sit for 1 hr. Check to make sure it is dry before moving on to next step.

Once your paint has dried you can then seal it with either a coat of Mod Podge or clear spray paint.   You want to then let it set and dry completely before you move on to the next step ​

Final steps,  we are going to add the flower band and the hanger.  You can lay out the flowers as you would like as long as they are full and and go all the way around the back as well. I used all the flowers shown but 2 little ones, so it’s pretty full.   Plus you will now add your hanger.  I don’t like to waste anything so I used the flower wire I cut from the paper flowers put them together and wrapped them around the stem of the bulb and then hooked and glued it down.  If you have banged or scrapped your bulb anywhere while doing any of this just go back in and touch up. You can also add more glitter to your flowers now as well if you would like too.  I also went in and used a little light pink paint and gave her some cute little cheeks.  This is totally optional. ​

And here she is on full display!! I wanted to show all angles as well. I just used a hanger I had around it you can display her how ever you would like.  I really hope you enjoyed making her as much as I did.

About Mandy
Hello my name is Mandy McCarty I am 42 years young. I live about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh in a little town called Butler. I live with my partner in crime Jason and our fur kids.  Our humankind  are grown.  In my spare time I love to craft, decorate my house, do DIY projects, go to thrift stores and flea markets, concerts & festivals!  I really love creating on any level.  It’s my happy place.  I also love snailmailing. I love getting to know people from around the world.  I collect wizard of oz items, crystals, makeup, vintage paper and paper products,vintage occult items, & weird old odd bits and bobs. I love collecting antiques and finding new ones to add to my home.  I also love participating in and hosting swaps on Instagram.  

You can find Mandy on Instagram @mandy_mccarty_