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Blog Block Party: DIY Frida Paper Puppet by Lizette Guzman

Here it is! The first official post of the blog party from my Bee Creative Swaps partner, Lizette. Stay tuned for more great content to be eligible for the giveaways!

​I made this Frida Kahlo paper puppet last year for my Viva La Frida swap partner. Coloring relaxes me so I really enjoyed making it. The puppet was the perfect little extra goodie to include in my swap partner’s package without going over budget. 

Frida Kahlo paper doll coloring page link, created by
White Paper or Card Stock
Color Pencils
Small Hole Puncher
Mini Brads
Optional: Laminating Machine

Step 1: Drag your Frida Kahlo paper doll image onto a word document program and make the image larger by dragging one of the corner squares out, to the size of the page. Print out image on regular printer paper or card stock. I used card stock. 

Step 2: The Frida puppet looks like Frida on the cover of Vogue magazine. I colored the puppet to match the flowers and attire Frida wore for Vogue, with color pencils. Cut out the colored Frida puppet. 

Step 3: Laminate the Frida doll. I got mine laminated at Staples. However, before you laminate it you can always make copies of your original and laminate the colored copies to send to your other Frida Kahlo loving friends. I plan to do that next time.

Step 4: Cut out your laminated Frida paper puppet.

Step 5: Punch holes through the little circles shown on the Frida puppet. Connect Frida’s arms and clothes with the mini brads. You’re done; enjoy your Frida paper puppet!

Not sure what to do with your Frida paper puppet now that it is complete? Add strings and make it movable. Use it as a bookmark. Add magnets and let Frida hold your refrigerator photos or notes. Add a string to the top and turn it into a Christmas ornament. Turn the puppet into a card by writing a note behind it before you laminate it. Be creative. 

For more free and fun Frida printables, check out my CreativityLizette blog post, Friday Frida Favs: Free Frida Kahlo Printable & Patterns.