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30 Day Challenge

After my mental vacation in Florida, I thought a 30 day creative challenge would be the perfect thing to get me back on track.

The following is a list that I created based on other 30 day challenges I've seen on line. Others seems  bit err... lacking or not applicable to the city that I live in. So here it is,

The Morose Bee's 30 Day Creative Challenge.
1. Visit a museum or gallery 
2. Watch a documentary about a(n) artist(s)
3. Change something about your personal appearance 
4. Research an artist

5. Create something handmade and give it to someone
6. Sign up for an art class
7. Take something from a thrift store and turn it into something new
8. Make a self-portrait
9. Doodle for 10 minutes straight
10. Frame something you have been meaning to frame
11. Draw the dream you had last night
12. Create a font type for your name
13. Create a business card
14. Check out an art book at the library
15. Break something. (You have to destroy in order to create!)
16. Make a collage
17. Support the local arts scene by going to a local festival, music event, art show, play, museum exhibit, etc.
18. Make a card for someone you love
19. Make an inspiration board (moodboard) for a future project
20. Draw some chalk art on the sidewalk
21. Make origami
22. Finger paint
23. Illustrate a song that inspires you
24. Add an art blog's RSS feed to your reader
25. Draw the best part of today
26. Send a friend a link to your favorite artist's work
27. Create an artists workspace in your home
28. Close your eyes and draw for five minutes
29. Draw yourself as a cartoon
30. Take your camera with you on a walk and document the experience

Join me?